The RENPHO Food Scale: Monitor Your Nutrition

As I get older I’ve become more interested in monitoring my health. There are many aspects to health. One is nutrition and not getting enough of the nutrients one needs can cause problems. Keeping track of how much we’re getting is troublesome. A smart nutrition scale is technology that can help older adults with this … Read more

Digital Health: Technology for Aging in Place

Digital Health is becoming essential, especially for older adults. As early baby boomers enter their 70s, the challenges and costs of providing health care to this large segment of the population are leading medical care institutions, insurance providers, and the government to look into technology solutions.  Major tech companies such as Apple, Samsung, Google, IBM, … Read more

Wearable Technology for Seniors

Wearable technology might be the most important type of technology for older adults because it can always be with you and has the possibility of saving your life. The primary benefits relate to safety/security and healthcare, with devices issuing warnings, allowing you to monitor your health, and summon help if needed. This article introduces, and … Read more

Companion Robots for Seniors

Companion robots can be of great benefit to older adults. This is particularly true if they live alone. And as companion robots are becoming better quality and more affordable, adoption rates are increasing. Top reasons seniors should consider a companion robot. What features do companion robots have? All of the products that we consider provide … Read more

The temi 3: A Personal Robot for Aging in Place

The temi 3 personal robot companion is the first to help older adults age in place. So, while it is not strictly a social robot (but includes Alexa), it does offer a number of benefits for older adults in their own homes and those that care for them. What can the temi 3 robot do? … Read more

Smart Home Technology for Seniors

Smart Home (also known as Home Automation) technology for older adults has been around for a long time. Who doesn’t remember “Help, I’ve fallen and can’t get up”? The technology has evolved since those PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) devices first appeared, and it remains an important product category for older adults. Similarly, home alarm … Read more