Best Fitness Products for Seniors in 2023

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Many seniors wish to maintain their fitness as they get older. There are countless benefits to staying active. According to a survey published by Decathlon, people over 65 are the most active age group, exercising more times every month than anyone else. 

Regular exercise is key to enjoying a long and healthy retirement and can make you feel more confident. So we’ve compiled a list of some of the best devices on the market for staying fit. These gadgets will help you stay healthy and live life to the fullest.

Fitness Tracker

Keeping track of your daily exercise used to be complicated. Before the arrival of trackers, staying on top of how much exercise you did during the day meant keeping a diary or having an excellent memory.

With the arrival of gadgets like the Fitbit, such steps are no longer necessary, and you can keep an eye on everything, including your calories, heart rate, and blood oxygen levels. 

To find a tracker that’s right for you, consider which daily activities you wish to monitor. For example, some entry-level trackers are only suitable for monitoring light exercise, while some of the more expensive models can track everything from stress levels to sleep quality.

For more detailed information, see our guide on wearables.

Step-Through E-Bike

If you are a keen cyclist but could do with an extra push, an e-bike might be the way forward. Their small, rechargeable batteries take the strain out of riding up hills and make setting off more effortless.

An excellent introductory e-bike is the Pace 350. It features a 417.6Wh battery, providing up to 35 miles of effortless riding, and can reach speeds of up to 20mph. It is perfect for those shorter rides and comes with an extra-wide saddle for added comfort.

Smart Water Bottle

Some of you might think, “Why on Earth would I want a smart water bottle?!” But it’s pretty simple. Most of us forget to drink enough water while we exercise, and dehydration can affect our concentration levels, lower endurance, and make us more susceptible to falling over.

Smart water bottles, like those from Hidrate, track your water intake and glow whenever you need a drink. They sync with your smartphone so you can see if your habits are improving and if you’ve reached your daily hydration goal.

Lots of smart water bottles come with additional features too. For example, some inexpensive models come with double insulated walls for keeping your water chilled, and others, often at the more expensive end of the market, can even filter your water, removing impurities like lead.

GPS Alarm

GPS alarms are discreet devices for when you are on the move. Although they are not necessarily fitness gadgets, they are designed to empower active seniors to feel more confident walking independently.

GPS alarms may feature clever SIM cards that allow the device to connect to multiple mobile networks. This feature makes them more reliable in low coverage areas and means users always have a fast and effective way to call for help if they feel unwell while exploring the great outdoors.

Pairing a GPS alarm with a comfortable pair of walking boots and trekking poles allows you to venture outdoors as often as you like. If you lose your way, fall ill, or trip and hurt yourself, you can use the alarm to send emergency services your exact GPS location.

Passive Leg Exerciser

Passive leg exercisers are designed to help you keep your legs moving without placing any pressure on vulnerable joints. They are specially designed for older adults recovering from an injury or suffer from a chronic health condition.

A passive leg exerciser is very easy to use. All you have to do is plug it in, put your feet on it, select a speed, and relax. Best of all, they can be used while you watch TV or work at a desk, and are small enough to stow away when you’re finished.

After just 30 minutes’ use every day, an exerciser can improve your circulation and reduce inflammation in the lower body. Leg exercisers come with motorized pedals for those who want to kick things up a notch and exercise their legs more vigorously.

Danny works for SECOM CareTech. He volunteers with a number of charitable organizations and hosts his own radio show, where he discusses topics like modern technology and aging.

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