Best Outdoor Security Cameras of 2023

Outdoor security camera on old building.

This year has been a fantastic one for smart home devices, and the smart outdoor security camera is no exception. Keeping your home safe and sound with high tech is becoming more affordable and efficient than ever. 

According to statistics, 34% of burglars enter the home through the front door. It is an excellent place to have an extra eye active, and a security camera can do just that. These days, such devices are becoming smaller and smarter, with an impressive array of abilities integrated into one small package.

What used to be an option exclusively for companies and official institutions is becoming increasingly affordable for the standard family home. Depending on the array of features, a security camera system can cost from 20 to 500 dollars.

The higher tier devices get into spy-movie territory with their staggering abilities, but that may not be necessary for the entry-level user who seeks simple surveillance of their home territory. Therefore, in this article, we will give you an outline of the best all-round smart home security systems of the year.

Arlo Pro 2 – Top Choice

The Arlo Pro 2 home security camera is our top pick. It is not the cheapest option out there, but with this one, you can be sure that it will meet all your needs. It features a 130-degree viewing angle and a 1080p resolution.

Power for the camera is via a connective plug or battery. A full charge can last up to half a year, so you can be sure that the battery won’t be a nuisance to keep running.

The camera has all the essentials – a microphone, 25-feet night vision, and a speaker ensuring that you can see whoever is at your door and communicate with them clearly from the inside of your house.

When it comes to the security camera’s exterior, you can be sure that the Arlo Pro 2 is as sleek as they come. The camera is additionally weather-resistant and integrates with Alexa and Google Home effortlessly.

If you decide to get the Arlo Pro 2, you are in for some attractive benefits from the company regarding cloud storage. After signing up online and registering your device, Arlo provides seven days of storage that is free of charge.

The camera will back up all data to an internet server, and you won’t have to lift a finger. If you would like more online video memory, 3 dollars will get you up to a month of cloud storage.

Wyze Cam Outdoor – Budget Pick

Wyze Outdoor Cam Kit

The Wyze Cam Outdoor is our budget pick. The security cam comes at an incredibly affordable price but still manages to provide a good set of features. It records video at a resolution of 1080p.

Even though the specs are the same as those of the Arlo Pro 2, the quality is not entirely on the same level, but it still does well enough. The camera has a field of view of 110-degrees and features night vision. The Wyze Cam Outdoor fears no weather conditions, as it is completely water-resistant.

The integrated battery will last 3-6 months of use. A great feature is that you can connect up to four devices into one station and manage all cameras at once. Four Wyze Cams will still be cheaper than one Arlo Pro 2, so depending on your personal needs, the Wyze may be a great alternative.

Indeed, its look is not quite as great as that of the Arlo Pro 2. If aesthetics are important to you, you might want to find a prettier alternative. The Wyze Cam Outdoor provides 14-day video storage, but clips are limited to snips of 14 seconds. It can be conveniently paired with Alexa and Google Home to integrate into your smart home system effortlessly.

Blink Outdoor – Works with Alexa

Another budget wireless security camera for outdoors is the Blink system. It is priced slightly higher than the Wyze Cam but has a minimalistic appearance that is easy on the eyes.

It features all the same specs as our previous choice, a 1080p camera, a 110-degree viewing angle, but runs on two AA batteries. Those batteries may be a little drawback, but at its price point, the Blink system still delivers pretty well.

In this security camera, night vision operates up to 25 feet of distance. Smart home integration is exclusive to Alexa, as Amazon owns the manufacturing company.

For this unit, cloud storage is completely free but is limited to running two hours total. The Blink system has its minuses, but at its affordable price point and excellent looks, it is one of the best choices on the market to consider.

Arlo Ultra – Super High Quality

The Arlo Ultra is the winner when it comes to video quality and viewing angles. The device features a hefty 4k resolution camera and has a field of view of 180-degrees. Smart home integration is exclusive to Alexa and Apple’s Homekit.

This security camera’s installation is as simple as can be; you just pair it with your Wi-Fi and pop it onto wherever you need It to be. It is weather-resistant, has a great battery that lasts up to 6 months, and comes with a free 30-day rolling cloud service.

This unit is on the higher price tier, but the video and audio quality is top-notch. These days, there are not many better options that offer resolutions higher than 4k, making this a leading choice in the whole security camera market. If you are seeking a super high-quality security camera, look no further than the Arlo Ultra.

We hope to have given you a good overview of the most appealing smart outdoor security camera options. As you see, there are options to cater to everyone’s needs, whether you need 4k quality, a camera of a beautiful design, or just a cheap and cheerful device. 

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