How to Give a Great Retirement Speech: 8 Ideas and Tips

Retirement is a significant milestone in your life. This is an opportunity for you to reflect on your career and express your gratitude to colleagues, friends, and family. It is also a moment to be celebrated and recognized by loved ones. A retirement speech is a chance to share your thoughts and express gratitude to … Read more

The Best 50+ Retirement Gifts for Mom

When it comes to finding the perfect retirement gift for your mom, it can be a bit challenging. However, by focusing on what she wants to do in retirement, you can choose a thoughtful gift that reflects your gratitude and your mom’s personality.  What does your mom love to do? Or, what is she dying … Read more

Assistive and Adaptive Technology

The differences between assistive and adaptive technology is subtle, but can be very important when you are searching for devices, tools, or technology to help your individual case. So, here is a bit of insight about the distinctions concerning assistive technology and adaptive equipment.   Assistive Technology According to the Assistive Technology Industry Association, Assistive Technology … Read more

How to Succeed at Long Distance Caregiving

Nowadays it is more and more common for children to grow up and move to different states from their parents. Sometimes the distance might be a couple hours away whereas others live across the country. Long-distance caregiving includes anyone that lives more than an hour away from the elderly person they are responsible for. Providing … Read more

How to Balance Work and Caregiving

Working and caring for an older family member is becoming more and more common. You are not alone, over 20 million Americans are balancing work and caregiving. As if one of these jobs isn’t difficult enough, sometimes figuring out how to manage both on a day-to-day basis can seem impossible! Here are some of our … Read more

How to Resolve Sibling Conflict Over Parent Care

As parents’ age and the time arrives when the children need to take on the responsibility of caregiving, it is sometimes quite difficult to accept, even as adults. Although aging is a natural part of life, it doesn’t mean that it’s always easy to acknowledge your parents are no longer as healthy and independent as … Read more

Granny Pods: the Ultimate in Senior Living?

As adults grow older, conversations come up about if they would downsize, move into a retirement community, or move in with children. While some households can welcome one or two new members, other households can have a much harder time.  This can become a dilemma because children care about their parent’s health and safety, but … Read more

Downsizing for Seniors: the Complete Guide

Retirement is a new stage of life, and many seniors want a new environment to go with it. That’s why so many older adults decide to downsize. However, this comes with challenges.  Decades worth of memories, habits, and stuff makes moving complicated. Here is a guide to determine if you should downsize, find the right … Read more

Aging in Place: A Guide for Growing Older at Home

“Aging in Place” is the ability to live independently, comfortably, and safely in your own home and community as you age.  The vast majority of older adults rate this as a top priority (over 88% according to the National Poll on Healthy Aging published by the University of Michigan in 2022). But your environment (home … Read more

What To Do In Retirement: Over 100 Inspiring Ideas

Here are 100+ things for you to do in retirement. These activities target all six aspects of wellness that lead to an inspired and fulfilled life. I gathered great tips from individuals in early and late stages of retirement. I also drew inspiration from the International Council on Active Aging, the National Institutes of Health, … Read more